As County Mayor, Joy will…

Work to Reduce Crime

  • Stand with our police and sheriff’s officers to ensure they have the funding and tools necessary to protect our neighborhoods.
  • Restore Shelby County’s partnership with the federal government to supply equipment and resources to the Sheriff’s office; a program that was discontinued by the Obama administration.
  • Strengthen Shelby County’s commitment to the Multi-Agency Gang Task Force and increase officers assigned.
  • Work with the Shelby County Sheriff’s office to target domestic violence and make sure new protective orders and other measures are being enforced to protect victims under the State’s new Public Safety Act.
  • Provide better resources to the Shelby County District Attorney’s office to help prosecute the most violent offenders.
  • Fight criminal justice reform efforts and liberal organizations that want to weaken the laws that punish those that threaten the safety of our community.
  • Work towards lobbying our state government for stricter sentencing for repeat violent offenders.

Lower Taxes and Attract and Support Businesses that will Create Jobs

  • Make the hard choices necessary to streamline government and save taxpayers’ money.
  • Cut wasteful spending and limit redundancy in government agencies.
  • Prioritize local and small businesses when awarding contracts and protect against fraud and waste by auditing all county contracts.
  • Appoint members to the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) that will recognize the need for growth and jobs in all areas of Shelby County including the municipalities that are too often overlooked.
  • Ensure Shelby County receives its fair share of incentives from the State to help attract and retain industries.

Invest in Education

  • Furnish necessary funding for our schools through savings provided by the refinancing of bonds.
  • Generate partnerships for funding to maintain and expand Pre-K funding when federal grants expire in 2020.
  • Help to facilitate an educated and skilled workforce by expanding workforce development efforts though the County and schools.
  • Make the Shelby County workforce competitive to surrounding states and states all over the world to attract industry and good paying jobs.
  • Work with our legislators to ensure local control of education and advocate to protect our county and municipal schools.